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Increase your sales with timely receipt, control and analysis of data from stores, make quick and informed decisions

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Use Imredi Audit mobile application and cloud service to get insights from the market and collect all the necessary data faster and cheaper than in any other tool

Self Service

Easy start - self-tuning and integration to get started in the service

Quick and easy

Preparation of checklists and sending them to the field team in just 5 minutes


Payment only for the result:
conduct audits in accordance with business requirements

No limits

Unlimited points, checklists, questions, audit period


Mobile App for quick field data collection

Nothing extra

Thoughtful solution specifically for the audit, no extra functions

All for audit

Use any tools - tasks, routes, profiles, photos, comments

Online & Offline

Fill out forms at points even outside the Internet access area

Convenient filling

Save time with dynamic fields and calculated KPIs built in checklists

The BYOD Principle

Connect user`s mobile devices and save budget for company

Save the data

All information is available in the cloud and on mobile devices


The UI is designed to work on different devices running both iOS and Android


Intuitive Web-based UI for tuning audit parameters, checklists, employee management

1. Checklists

Create checklists to collect data from the fields and team work of employees

2. Plans

Fill in all the necessary settings to run audits for the day, week or month

3. Analysis

Check and analyze all collected information in one place with reports and dashboards

4. Import / Export

Upload your reference data from Excel, CSV or Json and export the results back

5. Monitoring

Track changes and variations in indicators over time and based on the results of audits

6. Reports

Download reports according to the required template and indicators detail

7. Variations

Monitor employee performance and compliance according to standards and regulations

8. SMART-tasks

Create troubleshooting, skills and sales tasks with different reaction at field activities


A complete set of tools for automating retail audits, control and analysis of the work for stores, employees, objects

Flexible constructor

Support for the logical blocks in checklists, 13 different types of questions, mandatory questions.

Extended description

A text description of the question (a hint on how to fill in), the ability to insert a photo "as it should be".

Full photo control

The ability to add photos to each question, prohibition of choosing from the gallery.


Adding comments (one or more) to each question, reports, statistics and analytics for all comments.


Adding SMART-tasks during the audit process, setting priority and deadline for eliminating defects.

Execution control

Adding employees responsible for eliminating tasks, tracking delivered and expired tasks.

Checking results

Checking completed tasks, answers and comments (acceptance or return), tracking of the history.


Sending email and push notifications when setting a task, when performing a task, changing the status.

GPS control

Fixation of GPS and time stamps when the auditor fills checklist, binding stamps to the task, point, user.

Movement analytics

Visualization on the map of the GPS deviations, reports and analytics for all discrepancies.

Reports and analytics

Generating reports in accordance with the specified Excel template, loading new reports templates.


API methods (REST) for loading external data and on-line integration, exporting results in XLS, CSV, JSON, HTML.


Collect and analyze key information for sales development


  • Out of Stock Control
  • Point of sale audit
  • Freshness control
  • Control of the calculation
  • Staff Skills
  • Service Standards
  • Automation of visits


  • Store Check, Perfect Store
  • Field Reports
  • Sensus, research
  • Price Monitoring
  • Stock control
  • Work With, Training
  • Expiration date Control

Agencies / Outsourcing

  • Mystery shopper
  • Custom Research
  • Inventory
  • Equipment Accounting
  • Quality Reports
  • Audit Projects
  • Photo reports, monitoring

Franchise / Trade

  • Checklists
  • Regulatory Checklists
  • Cafe, catering
  • Warehouses, gas stations, sinks
  • Restaurants, bars, clubs
  • Hotels, beauty salons
  • Object conditions

Economically solve audit tasks

All tariffs have an unlimited number of checked outlets, checklists, objects and questions



  • Up to 15 key users
  • All basic features
  • Photos in checklists without restrictions
  • Integration via Excel / CSV / API
  • Basic support
  • Photo storage: 3 mth.
  • Get started



  • Up to 50 key users
  • All AUDIT features
  • + Individual requests
  • + Automation Options
  • + Advanced analytics
  • + Second line of support
  • Photo storage: 6 mth.
  • Get started



  • Up to 500 key users*
  • All BUSINESS features
  • + Integration with CRM, ERP, BI, AD
  • + Photo control interface
  • + Cloud or On-premise Hosting
  • + Personal manager
  • + First line of support and SLA
  • + CAPEX / License Acquisition
  • Photo storage: 12 mth.
  • Send request

*Individual calculation and conditions for a larger
number of users

Imredi is a technology company that develops data collection solutions, field data analysis and management, decision-making support in distribution processes and sales of products using modern information technology

Ratings and projects

Expert opinions about our service

Customers and feedback

Organizations using the Imredi Audit mobile app and cloud service

The Bristol chain of stores has very strict criteria for selecting and testing solutions; in fact, we did not just check the platform’s functionality Imredi Audit, but also analyzed how deep it will turn out to integrate the mobile application into the current business process and how it can be flexibly adapted to the specifics of the Bristol chain. According to the results of the pilot, have been collected feedback from all users (starting from the level of the store administrators up to the directors of the divisions) about usability of the mobile application, the completeness and speed of executing digital audits, working with the Web-based administrator interface, working with tasks, comments, photos.

Now the system has been implemented for the main business users, have been configured authorization and work in the corporate environment of the Bristol, and work with SMART tasks. Moreover, according to the results of the project, the ideas and proposals for further fulfilled automation of business processes in the Bristol chain stores.

During the implementation of the Imredi Audit system, two processes have been automated: 1) the work of the auditor with the assigned tasks for checking stores, 2) the cross-functional work of the auditor and store administrator with tasks in the retail store. For the Bristol chain stores, these are only basic scenarios; the business process itself is more complex. Therefore, we see our main advantage in that our technology platform can be flexibly adapted to it.

Our company was looking for a supplier in the field of mobile application development and appealed to the Imredi team. We were attracted by Imredi's experience with retail chains and implemented applications in this area. Our task was to quickly obtain a mobile application prototype for retail stores employees, which will clearly show how the employee bonus changes and what its size depends on, which, in our opinion, would motivate employees to influence their KPIs. The first draft of the prototype and questions posed by Imredi experts showed that the experience in the FMCG sector is consistent with the words. The team professionally and quickly processed our requirements and after a few days presented us with the native application and the accompanying admin interface, which were competently designed.

Imredi designers approached the issue creatively and the prototype was perceived as a bright and emotional tool. This solution was to the taste of key users. Thanks for the quick response and great work.

Thanks to Alexey for the competent and proactive position during the project. When developing the solution, we used our own Imredi Audit platform, which helped us to provide in a short time to the customer a native application for two platforms (iOS, Android) with a ready-made web-based administrator interface for managing settings, monitoring, control and forming analytics, as well as an API for integration with company IT systems.

Customer Relations is a key asset for RNCB Bank. Each of our branches is designed so that the client has a positive experience as from interaction with the Bank as a whole, as a set of services and services, and from the procedure for maintenance and communication with employees in the Bank`s office. The Imredi Audit solution allows us to collect and analyze standards compliance assessments for each department online and see not only deviations from the standards, but also monitor the actual performance of marketing companies.

Digital transformation affects all channels, through which customers interact with the Bank. The challenge facing the leadership of the RNCB is provide own employees with a convenient, “digital” tool for monitoring the status of departments and quality of service. Operational control and analytics, implemented on the Imredi Audit platform, solve this problem and make it possible to always guarantee the customer the highest level of service and positive impressions in any department that he visits.

Within the framework of this project, together with the Bank, not only the mobile application and the cloud service Imredi Audit were quickly introduced, but also implemented specific settings. Using Imredi Audit enables RNKB Bank employees to work with tasks, integrate with internal IT systems, accumulate statistics and analytics, create a digital ecosystem for managing customer experience.